School of Government and International Affairs

Resources / Course Forecast

Listed below is the projected availability of courses within the School of Government and International Affairs over the next four years. Please note that the course forecast is tentative and thus may have to be altered depending on availability of faculty, classrooms, and student demand.

LEGEND: Use the guide below to understand the course forecast chart:
N = Course Not Offered
Y = Course Offered
Y-D = Course Offered. Day
Y-E = Course Offered. Evening
Y-W = Course Offered. Weekend
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International Policy Management (IPM)
NumCourse TitleSprSumFallSprSumFallSprSumFall
7720World Politics and Governance
7725Comparative Politics
7730International Conflict ManagementY
7735Development: Policy and PracticeY
7740Strategic Negotiation and Decision-MakingY
7745International Political EconomyY
7750Global Trade: Policy and Practice
7755Political Risk ManagementY
7756Comparative Regulatory Politics
7757Transnational Civil SocietyY
7760Global ExperienceY
7765Capstone: Practicum or ThesisY
7900Special Topics in International Policy Management

International Studies (EURO)
NumCourse TitleSprSumFallSprSumFallSprSumFall
3234Introduction to the European UnionYYY
4130EU Law & Legal SystemsYNN
4160Federalism & Multilevel GovernanceNNN
4230Doing Business in the EUNYN
4260European Monetary UnionNNN
4330EU Science & Technology PolicyNNY
4430EU Environmental PolicyNYN
4530EU Social PolicyNNN
4630EU Communications PolicyNNN
4730EU Foreign PolicyNNN
4760EU-US Foreign RelationsNNY
4830EU in Comparative PerspectiveYNN

Political Science & Int'l Affairs (POLS)
NumCourse TitleSprSumFallSprSumFallSprSumFall
1101American Government in a Global PerspectiveYYYYYY
2212State and Local GovernmentYYYYYY
2230Careers in International AffairsYNYYNY
2238International Political EconomyYNYYNY
2240Introduction to Comparative PoliticsYYYYYY
2250Introduction to International RelationsYYYYYY
2270Political IdeologiesYYYYYY
2280Research MethodsYYYYYY
2401Global IssuesYYYYYY
3300U.S. Constitution and CourtsYYYYYY
3313Public Policy AnalysisYYYYYY
3315American Constitutional Law: FederalismYNNYNN
3320Legal ResearchYNNYNN
3343Principles of Public AdministrationYYYYYY
3350American Foreign PolicyYYYYYY
3356U.S. Environmental Policy & PoliticsNNYNNY
3360The United States CongressYYYYYY
3370The United States PresidencyYYYYYY
3380Mass Media and PoliticsYNYYNY
3385Campaigns and ElectionsNNYNNY
3388Lobbying and Interest GroupsYNNYNN
3394Public Polling and Survey TechniquesNNYNNY
3396Cooperative StudyYYYYYY
4000Practicum in Political Science and International AffairsNNNNNN
4100Directed Applied ResearchNNNNNN
4200Homeland Security AdministrationYNNNNN
4280Advanced Research Methods and Data AnalysisYNNNNN
4400Directed StudyNNNNNN
4402Political PartiesNNYNNY
4405Comparative Legal SystemsNNYNNY
4410American Legal SystemYNNYNN
4411Criminal LawNNYNNY
4412Urban Affairs and ProblemsYNYYNY
4415Civil LibertiesNNYNNY
4416Law and GenderYNNYNN
4420Judicial ProcessYNNYNN
4423Great Political ThinkersYNYYNY
4427American Political ThoughtYNNYNN
4428Race, Gender, and the Politics of DifferenceYNYYNY
4429Legal Theory & PhilosophyNNNYNN
4430International Law and OrganizationNNYNNY
4431Politics of International TerrorismYNNYNN
4433European Union PoliticsNNNYNN
4436Politics of Developing AreasYNYYNY
4437Global SecurityYNYYNY
4439Political Economy of Transition in Russia and Central AsiaNNNNNY
4444Administrative Practices and OrganizationNNNNNN
4446Governmental BudgetingNNNNNN
4448Russian Politics and CultureYNNYNN
4449Russian Foreign PolicyNNNNNY
4452Politics of the Pacific RimYNYYNY
4453Latin America: Democracy and DevelopmentYNNYNY
4454Politics of the Middle EastNNYNNY
4455International Relations of AfricaYNYYNY
4456International Environmental PolicyNNNYNY
4457South Asian Politics: A Comparative PerspectiveYNNNNN
4466Trial Procedure and EvidenceNNYNNY
4470Alternative Dispute ResolutionNYYNYN
4480Practicum in Alternative Dispute ResolutionYYYYYY
4490Special Topics in Political ScienceYNYYNY
4499Senior SeminarYYYYYY
7705Political IdeologiesYNNNNN

Public Administration (PAD)
NumCourse TitleSprSumFallSprSumFallSprSumFall
6200Fundamentals of Public Administration and Public ServiceYYNN
6250Research Methods and Computer ApplicationsYNN
6300Public Organization TheoryYNN
6350Public Service BudgetingYYN
6450Governmental RelationsYYN
6500Policy AnalysisYNN
6600Program EvaluationYYN
6700Human Resource Management in Public ServiceYYN
7100Philanthropy and the Nonprofit SectorYNN
7120Health PolicyYNY
7130Regional Politics and PolicyNN
7140International Environmental PolicyYNN
7150Contemporary Public IssuesYYN
7180Nonprofit Governance and AdministrationYYN
7230Local Governance and City ManagementNN
7250Leadership and Ethics in Public ServiceYYNN
7390Public Financial ManagementNN
7430Regional and Local PlanningNN
7455Administrative LawYNN
7470Issues in Criminal Justice AdministrationNN
7900Special TopicsYNY
7950Directed StudyNN
7985Internship in Public ServiceYYYNN
7995Public Service PracticumYNYNN